Description of activities

The environmental aspect of sustainable development is crucial and will be implemented by stopping the denial of native species by invasive Barszcz Sosnowskiego in integrating the principles of the Nature Conservation Act (in the absence of plans for protection of Natura 2000), particularly in the area of ​​water bodies and habitats valuable.

In the framework of sustainable development will be undertaken environmental activities that affect the growth of awareness and perpetuate positive attitudes among the local community.

Economic aspect of sustainable development is important for the project and will rely on the restoration of the agricultural use of land devastated by invasive species, will be available areas for recreational purposes.

The social aspect is crucial for the project and will be implemented to improve the quality of life of communities and informing the public on the activities undertaken in the project.

Equal opportunities for women and men will be ensured within the framework of project activities through representation and participation, and both women and men at every stage of the project taking into account the different circumstances and specific gender needs. Women and men will have equal opportunities and rights in all areas of the project. Good governance will be based on best practices and the reasonableness of actions, ensuring transparency and disclosure, compliance with national and EU level.


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