Project innovation

As part of the project, the concept of comprehensive control of borscht was presented. This is the first initiative in Poland and an innovative element of the project.


The second innovation is the methods of direct injection of herbicide into the root neck of borsch plants. This method will be used on hard-to-reach areas (eg slope slope of over 20 degrees of shrubs).

The third innovation is the use in hard-to-reach protected areas, where herbicides are not allowed to be used - cutting the borsch plants at the root root height. Mechanical cutting above the root neck will be used in these areas.

Innovative elements can be used in the control of borsch throughout Poland. The innovativeness of the project is manifested in the organizational and methodological aspect. The result of project activities is a reduction of 80% of the population and constant monitoring for maintaining the sustainability of the project and the organization of the control system in the area covered by the project.


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